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Canvas Prints: The Latest Decorating Wall Art Trend

With the new year quickly approaching, it’s time to consider the wall art trends that will define it. Canvas prints and paintings are excellent ways to brighten up your interiors and express yourself in every room of your home.

Why are canvas prints the new trend in wall art?

Canvas prints will never go out of style. While decor trends seem to change with the seasons, canvas wall art is timeless. Your choice of paintings or prints to hang on your walls is a deeply personal reflection of who you are. However, there are some exciting trends in the space that can be incorporated into interiors to give them a contemporary feel. 

1. Calming canvas prints art

White Jellyfish Canvas Wall Art

Interiors that are calm and sanctuary-like are popular. The world is a crazy place right now, and while you can’t control what happens outside your door, you can make it a peaceful place on the inside.

The shapes and textures of modern interiors will continue to be define by color, geometric, or Abstract Wall Art

Many of us were forced to reconsider what it meant to live in our homes as a result of the pandemic, and many people shifted toward more natural light and materials.

2. Want to go busy or minimal with your space?

The question of how much Skyline Wall Art should take up on your walls defies easy answers. A lot depends on how your home is laid out and which rooms you are designing.

Flatiron Building Canvas

According to some experts, the city wall art trend of recent years is on the decline. However, grouping paintings isn’t going away anytime soon. However, how they are organized together may change. Recent grid-like spacings may give way to a more eclectic, looser feel.

  • According to experts, the best way to create curated collections of city canvas prints on a wall is to use as much of the available space as possible. 
  • According to estimates, somewhere between two-thirds and three-quarters looks best. While many consumers err on the side of caution, fearing that a gallery wall will appear cluttered, the result is often a barren wall devoid of pop and inspiration.

The truth is that with enough space between pieces, say 5 to 10 cm, you can fill your open wall with city canvas wall art in a variety of styles and sizes. Expect to see more open walls with a gallery feel but with less structure and more diverse or clashing elements in home decor.

3. Inventive Hexagon Canvas Prints Art

Choosing hexagon canvas wall art for your space can be difficult. Many people want one-of-a-kind pieces; however, commissioning or purchasing art can quickly become prohibitively expensive.

Color Cubes Canvas Prints
  • This preference for one-of-a-kind pieces, combined with advances in AI, has heralded the rise of hexagon canvas prints. This contemporary form of canvas art employs autonomous systems to aid in the creative process, resulting in work with distinct characteristics.
  • Customers can create pieces that resonate with them and fit their spaces perfectly by setting some parameters, such as a color palette and a basic framework.

Personalization is possible with generative art without breaking the bank. In 2023, expect to see more of these pieces in homes across the country.

4. Black & White Wall Colors that Stand Out

Light and airy colors, as anyone who has done home decor will tell you, create the illusion of more space. Rich or dark colors, on the other hand, can have the opposite effect. While those principles can help you choose the base colors for your walls, the situation becomes more complicated when it comes to displaying your art.

Cactus Wall Art
  • A walk through a museum will reveal an overwhelming preference for black and white wall art. Because they do not compete with the work, these colors work well in an industrial setting. In a domestic setting, however, a white wall can be too austere and cold. Oh, and keeping it clean can be a nightmare.
  • We’re not saying that whites and very light creams can’t be used. They certainly can. However, when it comes to striking the right balance between making your home liveable and displaying your art, other colors should be considered.

The black and white canvas prints you hang on your walls have a big impact on choosing the right wall color. Examine the wall art you want to hang and look for common colors or hues. Consider a similar wall color if the collective palette has a consistent color. This monochromatic look employs various shades of the same color and can be quite dramatic.

Finally, think about the personality of your black and white canvas wall art. You have a lot more leeway if you have a lot of dark pieces, such as black-and-white photos or ink drawings, because those colors go with everything. If your wall art is large and bold with a complex palette mix, something soft and neutral will help it blend in.

5. Canvas art on a large scale

As previously stated, the gallery wall has become popular in recent years. However, the current year has been designated as the year of large or oversized canvas wall art.

Beach Van Canvas

One of the best aspects of lake river wall art is that it allows you to completely transform a room with just one piece. There are several ways for home designers to express this.


While it’s important to keep up with the best trending wall decor Ideas, keep in mind that your home should reflect your personality. When it comes to color, style, or arrangement, don’t be afraid to follow your instincts.

Decorsafari understands the significance of selecting canvas art that conveys a sense of self and personality. We have a wide variety of sizes, styles, moods, and themes, so you’ll always be able to find something that speaks to you.


What is canvas wall art?

Canvas wall art is a type of artwork printed or painted onto a canvas, which is then stretched, often over a gallery-wrapped frame, to create a beautiful piece of decor for your home or office.

What is the new trend in wall art?

The latest trend in wall art leans towards bold, abstract pieces with vibrant colors, often incorporating mixed mediums. Nature-inspired artwork and minimalist line drawings continue to gain popularity. Moreover, digital art installations are emerging as a unique way to engage with art interactively.

What is the biggest art trend right now?

The biggest art trend currently is digital and virtual art, particularly in the realm of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Artists are creating unique digital pieces and leveraging blockchain technology for proof of ownership. This trend is reshaping the way we perceive and value digital creativity.

What art is in style right now?

Currently, the art world is experiencing a strong resurgence of Neo-expressionism, characterized by intense, raw, and vibrant emotions. Digital and interactive art forms, capitalizing on technology advancements, are also gaining immense popularity. Furthermore, sustainability-focused art, which underlines environmental issues, is profoundly resonating with audiences globally.

What kind of wall art is most popular?

Contemporary art tends to be the most popular form of wall art currently. This category includes a diverse range of styles, from abstract pieces to pop art. Digital prints and canvas paintings are in high demand, often depicting nature, landscapes, or urban scenes. Minimalist art, characterized by its simplicity, is also quite sought after.

What is the newest art movement?

The newest art movement is known as “Digital Art”. This movement embraces a return to physical materials, but with a unique twist, integrating technology and digital concepts into traditional art forms.

What is the next decorating trend?

The next decorating trend leans towards “Sustainable and Natural Design”. This style embraces eco-friendly materials, live plants, and furniture crafted from recycled or reclaimed sources. It prioritizes functionality without sacrificing aesthetic appeal, promoting a harmonious connection with nature.

Are gallery walls in trending style today?

Yes, gallery walls are trending in today’s interior design. They allow homeowners to showcase personal tastes, memories, or collections in a unique and aesthetically pleasing manner. With diverse layouts and styles, they can add personality and depth to any space.

How can I incorporate the upcoming trends into my current decor?

You can incorporate upcoming trends by choosing a piece that reflects the trend you want to incorporate, such as choosing a large, abstract piece if that’s the trend you’re interested in. Or, incorporate a variety of trends by choosing a few smaller pieces that reflect different trends.

What are the upcoming trends in home decor involving canvas wall art?

The trends include large-scale pieces, abstract art, natural elements, digital art prints, and pieces that incorporate mixed materials. Retro and vintage-inspired designs are also popular, as well as the use of bold, vibrant colors.

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