Discover the beauty of nature with our botanical wallpaper collection at Decorsafari. Transform your space with lush, vibrant designs inspired by the natural world. Perfect for any room, our wallpapers bring the tranquility of the outdoors inside, creating a serene and stylish atmosphere. Explore our selection and find the perfect botanical backdrop for your home.

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Botanical wallpaper brings the beauty of nature into your home, creating a serene and inviting atmosphere. With intricate designs that capture the essence of nature wallpaper, these patterns are perfect for adding a touch of elegance and tranquility to any room. Whether you prefer vibrant leaves wallpaper or more subtle botanical prints, there's a style to suit every taste. Embrace the charm of nature-inspired decor and enjoy the calming effects that botanical and floral wallpapers can provide in your living space.

What is Botanical wallpaper?

Botanical wallpaper features designs inspired by nature, including leaves, flowers, and plants, creating a vibrant and natural atmosphere in any space. It often incorporates intricate botanical prints, making it a popular choice for those seeking to bring the outdoors inside. Leaf wallpaper, in particular, highlights various leaf patterns, adding a touch of greenery and freshness to the decor. This style is perfect for adding a calming and refreshing ambiance to any room.

Popular Designs and Trends in Botanical Wall Mural

Botanical Garden Wall Mural

Botanical wall mural trends are huge and it refers to the botanical theme with colorful vibrant ideas. Some well-liked ones embody intricate botanical prints, extravagant mural wallpaper of flowers and glorious garden themed wallcoverings. There is no better way to create an atmosphere of calm and style than through the natural touch it adds. Perfect for any space, it brings peace and elegance to your walls.

Botanical Jungle Wallpaper Mural

Botanical jungle wallpaper murals are a growing interior design trend, applying luxurious and visually appealing surfaces to any place. This type of interior features realistic botanist species-inspired wall mural designs, which include tropical foliage, rare flowers and a jungle background, transporting into nature. Ideal to keep nature close at hand your home, this type of wall mural allows you to turn any room into a peaceful jungle hideaway. Enjoy this chase and decorate the relaxation room with jungle wallpaper.

Botanical Flower Wallpaper Mural

Botanical aesthetic flower wallpaper designs are some most popular types of interior design trending by the name of botanical personality walls as it enables you to bring your love for nature indoors. Common patterns are decorative greenery, bright flowering plants and foliage leaves, all of which have an overall calming and refreshing feel. Nowadays, we are seeing a lot of large blooms and tropical that provide such drama to any space. Be it a flower background wallpaper in the living room or Floral wall decor wall in your bedroom these designs, will bring beauty and nature to any home.

Tropical Forest Botanical Design

Tropical Botanical prints is a popular design trend that brings the lush beauty of nature indoors. Tropical wallpaper features vibrant greenery, exotic plants, and bold patterns, creating a lively and refreshing atmosphere. Tropical backgrounds often showcase detailed, large-scale depictions of flora, adding an artistic touch to any room. Beautiful Forest wallpaper captures the serene essence of woodland landscapes, providing a calming and immersive experience. Embrace these botanical trends to transform your space with natural elegance.

Botanical Watercolor Leaves Bird Foliage Wallpaper

Adding a touch of nature to any room, wallpaper botany In the form of watercolor leaves background and birds has become an extremely popular design trend. It has a tranquil and peaceful soft touch, in watercolor style that is soothing to mind great for living rooms bedrooms or home offices. This trend captures the essence of natural beauty with intricate foliage and vivid birds to become a delight for interior decorators everywhere. You will have the feeling that even staying inside all day you are still surrounded by tropical plants, fresh green wallpaper watercolor and birds on a yellow background.

Floral Grey Botanical mural wallpaper

Floral Grey Plant wallpapers is they are classically beautiful and incredibly versatile. The muted grey tones and the elaborate Floral wallpaper for nursery reinterprets this aesthetic decor with sobriety, bringing a scent of sophistication that results in more peaceful ambiances. It's perfect for any room as dark flower wallpaper provides a vivid contrast which brings depth and sophistication. Floral wallpaper is still on trend and grey wallpaper remains a highly popular design that serves all interior styles seamless.

Botanical Garden Birds Wallpaper  

One of them is the botanical wall mural which has created a real buzz around bringing fresh greenery into any room, and for its natural environment vibes. Our favourite is botanical garden birds, which showcases detailed bird illustrations amongst lush foliage. Botanical wall murals capture the essence of nature, and with that... outdoors comes indoors in a calm garden inspired decor. Leaf wallpaper and garden wallpapers or walls are having a moment as well, especially for nature lovers who like to decorate with relaxation of vibrant greenery.

Vintage Botanical Wall Mural

Adding a touch of elegance to your space, vintage botanical wallpaper is the forever trending style that incorporates nature into every corner. Vintage botanical wall mural designs feature fine art details to create a classic look that adds versatility to any interior application. Most popular designs with intricate drawings of flowers, leaves and plants that can give a calm ambiance. Dark botanic wallpaper is an elegant and subtle addition to any room be it your living area, or bedroom, even a study. It graces the delight of homeowners alongside designers alike due to its sophistication; natural allure.

Choosing the Perfect Room for Botanical Wall mural patterns 

Dining Room Wallpaper

In the dining room, wallpaper botany creates a refreshing and elegant backdrop for meals. Opt for patterns with rich, deep greens and intricate floral details to evoke a sense of dining in a garden. Pair it with wooden furniture and natural textures to enhance the organic feel. This setting encourages a calm, inviting atmosphere, perfect for both casual family dinners and formal gatherings.

Living Room Wallpaper

The living room is an excellent space to make a bold statement with Botanical wallpaper for living room. Choose vibrant, large-scale patterns that can serve as a focal point. This room often sees the most traffic, so a striking design can impress guests and provide a lively, uplifting ambiance. Complement the wallpaper with neutral furnishings and pops of color in accessories to balance the overall look.

Bedroom Wallpaper

For the bedroom, consider softer, more soothing botanical patterns. Delicate florals and subtle greenery can create a peaceful, restful environment. Soft pastels and muted tones work well here, promoting relaxation and tranquility. Nature wallpaper for bedroom in the bedroom can help bring the calming influence of nature indoors, enhancing your sleep and overall well-being.

Bathroom Wallpaper

In the bathroom, Eco-friendly botanical wallpaper can add a touch of luxury and spa-like tranquility. Moisture-resistant options are ideal for this space. Choose light, airy patterns with tropical leaves or delicate blossoms to create a refreshing, rejuvenating atmosphere. The addition of wallpaper botany can turn an ordinary bathroom into a personal oasis, perfect for unwinding after a long day.

Which colors are typical for botanical wallpaper?

Black and White

This classic combination is often used in Plant wallpaper for a modern and sophisticated look. Black and white botanical wallpaper designs can highlight intricate details of leaves, flowers, and vines, creating a striking visual contrast that suits contemporary and minimalist interiors.


Shades of blue in botanical mural evoke a sense of calm and serenity. From soft, pastel blues to deeper, more vibrant tones, blue botanical wallpaper can complement coastal themes or create a soothing atmosphere in bedrooms and living areas.


Perhaps the most quintessential color for Tropical green wallpaper, green is directly associated with nature. From deep emeralds to light sage, green botanical wallpaper patterns can bring a refreshing and revitalizing feel to any space, making it ideal for living rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens.


Using black in Botanical murals, either as a background or a prominent design element, can add drama and elegance to a room. It pairs well with metallic accents and bold furnishings, making it a popular choice for modern and eclectic interiors.


Grey Botanical murals offer a neutral and sophisticated backdrop. It can be used in various shades to create subtle or more pronounced patterns, fitting well in contemporary and industrial-style homes.


For a warm and inviting look, beige botanical design is an excellent choice. It provides a neutral background that allows the botanical peel and stick wallpaper designs to stand out without overwhelming the space, making it suitable for living rooms, dining areas, and bedrooms.


Pink floral wallpaper brings a soft and romantic touch to a room. From blush tones to more vibrant pinks, this color can add a feminine and whimsical element to bedrooms, nurseries, or any space where a gentle, uplifting vibe is desired.

Benefits of Botanical Wallpaper

Eco-friendly wallpaper: botanist wallpaper often utilizes eco-friendly materials, such as sustainably sourced paper and water-based inks. This reduces environmental impact and ensures a healthier indoor air quality by minimizing the release of harmful chemicals.

Removable Botanical design: Removable botanist wallpaper offers the flexibility to change designs without damaging the walls. This makes it perfect for renters or those who like to frequently update their decor. It allows you to enjoy beautiful botanical designs without the long-term commitment.

Peel and stick wallpaper botany: The peel and stick feature makes installation a breeze. You don't need any special tools or glue, just peel off the backing and apply the wallpaper to a clean surface. This user-friendly application saves time and effort, making it a popular choice for DIY enthusiasts.

Easy to install botanical Pattern: botanist wallpaper is designed for easy installation. Whether it's pre-pasted or peel and stick, the process is straightforward. This ease of installation means you can quickly transform a room without professional help, saving on labor costs.

Durable botanist wallpaper: High-quality Modern botanical wallpaper is made to last. It withstands wear and tear, maintaining its vibrant colors and intricate designs over time. This durability ensures that your investment in beautiful wallpaper will provide long-term aesthetic appeal.

Custom wallpaper botany: Custom wallpaper botany allows you to personalize your space with unique designs tailored to your taste. You can choose specific patterns, colors, and sizes to perfectly match your decor, creating a truly unique and personalized environment.

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