Welcome to the Coastal Wallpaper Collection. Dive into our stunning Coastal Wallpaper collection, your doorway to a peaceful and revitalizing world where the ocean meets the sky. Our selection captures the essence of the coastline's abundant beauty and calming aesthetics, instantly transforming your walls into a canvas of seaside tranquility. From soothing seascapes to playful nautical themes, we offer an extensive range of designs to transport your home or office space to the heart of the sea.

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Immerse Yourself in Serenity

Each design in our Coastal beach Wallpaper collection has been thoughtfully curated to bring the tranquility of the sea straight into your living space. Immerse your walls in soft blues, sandy neutrals, and the sun-drenched hues of the coast. Our range extends from realistic photographic beach scenes to abstract coastal designs and whimsical seashell patterns. There's a perfect coastal backdrop for every style and taste.

Designs with Intricate Detailing

Our beach house wallpapers boast high-resolution prints with intricate detailing. Observe the subtle gradations of the sea, the fine lines of a sand dollar, or the detailed rigging of a sailing ship. We pride ourselves on providing visually captivating wallpapers full of texture and depth, creating a truly immersive coastal experience.

High-Quality and Durable

Crafted from high-quality materials, our coastal wallpapers are designed to withstand the test of time. The wallpapers are easy to install and clean, maintaining their vibrancy and detail for many years. You can trust our collection to provide stunning aesthetics and long-lasting durability.

Customizable Options

Personalize your space with our customizable beach theme wallpaper options. Choose from various sizes to fit any wall and let your style shine. We also offer sample services to experiment with different designs before deciding.


We are committed to protecting the planet like the oceans we love. Our nautical wallpapers are sustainably sourced and manufactured, using eco-friendly inks and processes.

Transform Your Space Today

Whether creating a beach-themed room, a soothing retreat or adding a touch of coastal charm, our coastal peel-and-stick wallpaper collection provides the ideal solution. Explore our diverse range and let the serene beauty of the coastline breathe new life into your walls. Dive in and let your journey to a more tranquil, coastal-inspired space begin.

What are the different design options available for coastal wallpapers?

Designing a coastal-themed room can be a fun and creative process. Your choice of modern wallpaper is among the many elements that can set the mood. Various design options are available for peel-and-stick coastal wallpaper, each offering a unique perspective on coastal living.

  1.     Nautical Themes: This design typically features motifs like anchors, sailboats, ropes, and lighthouses. These designs could range from simple, repeated patterns to more complex, mural-style modern coastal wallpapers.

o   Sailboats and Ships: Beachy peel and stick wallpaper designs that feature sailboats and ships can give a room a sense of adventure and exploration. These designs often incorporate shades of blue, white, and red.

o   Lighthouses and Nautical Instruments: Designs with lighthouses, compasses, maps, and other nautical instruments can add a more vintage or rustic coastal vibe to a room.

  1.   Marine Life Themes: These designs incorporate marine flora and fauna. Sea turtles, seahorses, starfish, shells, coral reefs, or even schools of colorful fish are common.

o   Sea Creatures: More whimsical or kid-friendly designs might feature cartoon-like depictions of marine life.

o   Coral and Seaweed Patterns: For a more understated or elegant room, consider designs with patterns of coral, seaweed, or other marine plant life.

  1.   Beach Themes: This style focuses on elements one might find at the beach, such as sand, sun, beach chairs, umbrellas, beach balls, surfboards, and seashells.

o   Tropical Beach designs often feature palm trees, hammocks, and tiki huts. They can make a room feel like a tropical beach vacation.

o   Sandy Beach Designs: This coastal chic wallpaper design features softer tones to mimic the sandy beaches, often with footprints, seashells, and starfish for a serene vibe.

  1.   Seascape Themes: These designs offer broad views of the sea, often depicting waves crashing against the shore, serene sunsets, or expansive views of the horizon.

o   Realistic Seascapes: These designs aim to replicate the look of the sea as realistically as possible, often using photographic images or highly detailed illustrations.

o   Abstract Seascapes: These take a more impressionistic approach, using color and shape to evoke the feel of the sea rather than depicting it realistically.

  1.   Coastal Landscape Themes: This luxury coastal wallpaper depicts broader coastal landscapes, including cliffs, lighthouses, cottages, or coastal towns. They often incorporate both land and sea elements.

o   Coastal Villages: These designs depict quaint coastal or seaside towns, providing a more human, lived-in feel to the coastal theme.

o   Cliff and Lighthouse Views: These beachy wallpaper for walls feature dramatic cliffside views, often with a lighthouse as the central element, creating a dramatic and evocative mood.

  1.   Stripes and Patterns: If you prefer a more subtle coastal theme, consider coastal theme wallpaper with stripes or patterns in coastal colors.

o   Blue and White Stripes: This classic design evokes a nautical feel without using any specific seaside imagery.

o   Coastal Colored Patterns: Wallpapers with patterns in soft blues, sandy beiges, or coral pinks can also provide a coastal feel.

Remember, the best coastal wallpaper for your room will depend on your style, overall decor, and the mood you want to create. The options are endless, so let your creativity shine!

Which rooms are wallpapers with a Coastal theme most suitable for?

Wallpapers with a coastal theme can provide a refreshing and calm atmosphere to any room in a house. They are most suitable for rooms where relaxation and tranquility are prioritized or light, breezy ambiance is desired. Here are some rooms where a coastal-themed wallpaper can be particularly effective:

  1.     Living Room:

o   Relaxing Atmosphere: The living room is often the hub of social interaction in a home, so a coastal theme can provide a comfortable atmosphere that helps to foster good conversations.

o   Brighten Up Space: Coastal-themed wallpaper can brighten your living room with light and airy tones, making it look more spacious and welcoming.

o   Decorative Accent: The scenic beauty of coastal themes can serve as a unique decorative accent in your living room, adding visual interest to the space.

  1.   Bedroom:

o   Soothing Ambiance: Bedrooms are personal sanctuaries where one retreats for relaxation. A coastal-themed wallpaper can help create a relaxing ambiance that promotes better sleep and relaxation.

o   The feel of a Getaway: The coastal theme can also give a feeling of being on a peaceful beach holiday, making the bedroom feel more like a personal escape.

o   Color Palette: Soft blues, whites, and sandy hues typical in coastal-themed wallpapers can promote peace and calm in the bedroom.

  1.   Bathroom:

o   Connection with Water: The bathroom is the room most directly associated with water in the home, making it a perfect match for a coastal-themed wallpaper.

o   Spa-like Atmosphere: Coastal themes can help create a spa-like atmosphere in the bathroom, turning a regular bath into a relaxing experience.

o   Light and Airy Feel: Using coastal-themed wallpapers can make a small bathroom appear larger and airier due to its bright colors and patterns.

  1.   Home Office:

o   Stress Relief: Coastal-themed wallpaper can help to alleviate stress by giving your workspace a tranquil feel, thereby increasing productivity and creativity.

o   Inspiring Surroundings: The coastal theme can inspire feelings of being in a different location, which may spark creativity and open-mindedness in your work.

o   Visual Break: A scenic beach coastal wallpaper can provide a visual break from screen time, reducing eye strain.

  1.   Sunroom or Enclosed Porch:

o   Matching Themes: Coastal-themed beachy blue wallpaper can blend well with these spaces, as they often already include elements of nature.

o   Enhancing Natural Light: These rooms are typically filled with natural light, and the light colors of coastal-themed wallpaper can help improve and reflect this light, making the room appear even brighter.

o   Outdoor Connection: Coastal wall wallpaper can further strengthen the connection between the indoor and outdoor space, providing a seamless transition from your interior living area to your outdoor patio or garden.

The suitability of coastal-themed wallpaper also depends on other aspects like your preference, the overall home décor, and the intended mood for the space. Considering these factors to achieve a harmonious look and feel throughout the house is always advisable.

How does the color of coastal wallpaper impact the perceived size and mood of the room?

The color of coastal beach style wallpaper can significantly impact a room's perceived size and mood. Colors play an essential role in creating different perceptions, feelings, and emotions in the minds of the observers. Here's how various aspects of the color of vintage wallpaper can influence the room's perceived size and mood.

  1.     Perceived Size of the Room:

Light Colors:

Light-color coastal wallpapers, such as beige, light blue, or pastel green, can make a room appear larger than it is. Light colors reflect light, thereby making spaces seem more open and airy. If you have a small room, choosing a light-color coastal wallpaper can make it look more spacious.

Dark Colors:

On the contrary, dark-color coastal vintage wallpaper, such as navy blue or deep green, tends to absorb light and can make a room look smaller and more intimate. This could create a cozy and comforting atmosphere in a large room.

Pattern Size:

The size and type of pattern on the coastal wallpaper can also affect the room's perceived size. Larger patterns can make the room seem smaller, while smaller patterns or solid colors give the illusion of a larger space.

  1.   Mood and Atmosphere of the Room:

Cool Colors:

Coastal wallpapers with cool colors like blues and greens are often associated with calmness, peace, and relaxation. These colors help create a serene, tranquil environment reminiscent of the seaside. They're perfect for spaces where you want to unwind, like bedrooms or bathrooms.

Warm Colors:

Coastal wallpapers like light yellow or coral in warm tones might make the room feel energetic and cheerful. These colors can inject an element of sunshine and positivity reminiscent of a sunny beach day. They are ideal for social areas like the living room or kitchen.

Neutral Colors:

Neutral colors like beige, white, or grey, often associated with a modern and sophisticated look, can provide balance and calm. They can make your room feel more spacious and provide more decor flexibility.

Color Intensity:

The intensity of the color in the coastal removable wallpaper also impacts the room's mood. Bright, bold colors can energize and stimulate, while softer, muted tones are often calming and relaxing.

In conclusion, the color of coastal style wallpaper plays a substantial role in influencing a room's perceived size and mood. It can trick the eye into thinking the room is larger or smaller and can establish a particular atmosphere or feeling. Therefore, when choosing coastal blue peel-and-stick wallpaper, consider both the size of your space and the mood you want to create.

Can I use coastal wallpaper in a bathroom or other high-humidity rooms?

You can use pink coastal wallpaper in a bathroom or other high-humidity rooms. However, specific considerations and precautions are necessary to ensure the longevity and durability of your modern coastal peel and stick wallpaper.

  1.     Selection of Wallpaper Material:

Vinyl Wallpaper: Vinyl wallpapers are excellent for bathrooms as they're waterproof and easy to clean. When selecting a coastal beach bathroom wallpaper, look for vinyl variants or at least vinyl-coated ones, as they're more suitable for damp environments.

Non-Woven Wallpaper: Another great option is non-woven wallpapers. This coastal bedroom wallpaper is made from synthetic and natural fibers, making them breathable, which can help prevent mold and mildew.

  1.   Use of Moisture Resistant Adhesive:

Even the most moisture-resistant wallpaper can peel if you use the wrong adhesive. Using a bond designed for high-humidity rooms, such as bathrooms, is crucial. This will help ensure the wallpaper sticks effectively and doesn't peel due to moisture.

  1.   Appropriate Ventilation:

Regardless of the type of wallpaper you use, proper ventilation is essential to prevent the accumulation of moisture, which can eventually cause the wallpaper to peel and become moldy. Using a bathroom fan or opening a window, especially after hot showers or baths, can significantly help reduce humidity levels.

  1.   Professional Installation:

While it is possible to install wallpaper yourself, having it professionally installed can make a significant difference, particularly in a high-humidity environment. Professionals have the knowledge and tools to ensure that the wallpaper is applied correctly and securely, minimizing the risks associated with moisture and dampness.

  1.   Regular Maintenance:

Regular cleaning and maintenance can also enhance the lifespan of your wallpaper in a high-humidity room. Wiping down your wallpaper with a damp cloth and mild soap can help remove any mold or mildew that might accumulate. However, dry it thoroughly afterwards to avoid causing any water damage.

  1.   Consider Other Options:

If you're still concerned about wallpaper in a high-humidity environment, consider using a coastal-themed tile or paint instead. These materials can handle moisture well and require less maintenance than wallpaper.

In conclusion, while using coastal wallpaper in a bathroom or other high-humidity room is possible, taking extra precautions is essential. By selecting the correct type of wallpaper, using moisture-resistant adhesive, ensuring good ventilation, opting for professional installation, and regularly maintaining the wallpaper, you can enjoy a coastal-themed bathroom for years.

How can I create a complete coastal look in my room with coastal wallpaper?

Creating a coastal look in your room with coastal wallpaper for accent walls involves several steps. Here are some considerations to keep in mind:

  1.     Choose Your Coastal Wallpaper
  • Color Scheme: Coastal colors typically include light, airy colors such as shades of blue, white, sand-like beige, and subtle greens. The colors of the beach, ocean, and sky inspire this palette. Your coastal wallpaper should incorporate these colors to give your room a coastal vibe.
  • Patterns and Imagery: Coastal wallpaper for vinyl walls can include designs with motifs like seashells, marine life, anchors, boats, waves, or simple stripe patterns. It can also have photographic or illustrated beach or ocean scenes. Consider these options based on your preference for a more literal or abstract coastal theme.
  • Material: Consider a textured wallpaper to mimic the look and feel of coastal elements such as sand or driftwood. Grasscloth wallpaper, for instance, can add an interesting tactile element to your coastal design.
  1.   Coordinate with Other Elements in the Room
  • Furniture: To create a consistent coastal theme, choose furniture in light-colored or distressed wood. Wicker or rattan furniture can also contribute to a beach-house vibe.
  • Textiles: Complement your coastal self-adhesive wallpaper with bedding, curtains, and rugs in matching or complementary colors. Patterns such as stripes or nautical motifs can reinforce the coastal theme.
  • Accessories: Decorative items such as starfish, seashells, nautical ropes, anchors, beach-themed artwork, or driftwood pieces can complete the look. Be careful not to overdo it - a few well-placed accessories are usually enough.
  1.   Room Layout
  • Feature Wall: If the wallpaper pattern is bold, use it on just one wall as a feature wall. This can create a strong visual focus without overwhelming the room.
  • Wallpaper Coverage: If the pattern is more subtle, you can use it on all walls. This can create a more immersive coastal atmosphere.
  1.   Lighting
  • Natural Light: Coastal designs are often light and airy. Maximize the natural light in your room by keeping window treatments light and minimal.
  • Artificial Light: For artificial light, consider lamps with a coastal design, such as those made from glass and filled with sand or seashells. The color temperature of the light bulbs should be warm to mimic the relaxing feel of the sun.
  1.   Maintenance
  • Cleanliness: Keep the wallpaper clean according to the manufacturer's instructions. Depending on the wallpaper material, this might involve gentle dusting or wiping with a damp cloth.
  • Longevity: Consider using a wallpaper protector to keep your coastal wallpaper looking good for as long as possible. This is a clear, usually acrylic, coating that can help to protect the wallpaper from damage.

Remember that creating a coastal look in your room involves evoking the beach's relaxed, light, and breezy feel. Keep this in mind as you choose your coastal wallpaper and other room elements, and you'll be well on your way to a room that feels like a beachside getaway.

What are the current trends in coastal wallpaper designs?

Coastal wallpaper design trends in 2023 continue to evolve and offer an array of new and innovative options. These trends often reflect a blend of contemporary and classic styles that take inspiration from the ocean, the coastline, and the life that inhabits these regions. Here are the top trends we are witnessing in coastal wallpaper designs:

  1.     Nautical Stripes:

o   Classic Naval Colors: Many designs now feature classic nautical colors – such as navy blue, white, and red – in striped patterns. These patterns embody a timeless seaside look.

o   Varied Stripe Thickness: Designs also incorporate stripes of varying widths to create visual interest and a contemporary edge.

o   Alternating Textures: Some wallpapers feature alternating textured and smooth stripes for a unique tactile element.

  1.   Sea Life Motifs:

o   Underwater Creatures: The trend of featuring various sea creatures, like fish, crabs, and seahorses, continues to grow. These designs may be whimsical or more realistic, based on the aesthetic.

o   Botanical Illustrations: Detailed drawings of seaweed, coral, and other sea plants lend a natural and organic feel to wallpaper designs.

o   Subtly Incorporated Motifs: Sea life motifs are often subtly incorporated into designs, acting as a surprise detail upon closer inspection.

  1.   Neutral Tones with Pops of Coastal Colors:

o   Earthy Palettes: Light neutrals, sandy beige, and soft greys have been popular, creating a calm and serene coastal atmosphere.

o   Vibrant Accents: Accents in ocean blue, coral, or sunflower yellow hues provide a refreshing pop of color to these neutral backgrounds.

  1.   Tropical Prints:

o   Large Leaf Designs: Large-scale prints of tropical leaves, such as monstera and banana leaves, add an element of lush, exotic greenery.

o   Exotic Birds: Tropical bird species like flamingos and parrots often complement these leafy designs.

o   Vintage-Inspired Tropical Patterns: Some wallpapers have a vintage Hawaiian aesthetic with patterns reminiscent of the mid-century modern style.

  1.   Textural Elements:

o   Grasscloth Wallpapers: These have been increasingly popular for a coastal look, due to their natural, textured finish that adds depth and warmth.

o   Sand-Textured Wallpapers: Designs mimicking the look and feel of sand have also been trending for a tactile coastal vibe.

o   Raised Patterns: Wallpapers with raised patterns or designs that simulate textures like shells or wave patterns add a tactile element.

  1.   Maritime Maps and Charts:

o   Vintage Maps: Wallpapers designed with vintage maritime maps add a touch of historical charm and adventure.

o   Nautical Charts: Designs featuring nautical charts and compasses give a room a sense of exploration and travel.

o   Harbor Scenes: Depictions of traditional harbor scenes or coastal towns provide a picturesque aesthetic.

  1.   Photographic and Watercolor Seascapes:

o   Photographic Prints: High-definition photographs of coastal scenes or oceanic landscapes are used for a realistic and immersive aesthetic.

o   Watercolor Designs: Watercolor wallpaper seascapes bring an artistic and soothing presence to a room. The watercolor medium's fluidity nicely captures the ocean's flowing nature.

By understanding these trends, you can choose the best coastal wallpaper for your space. As always, choose a design that aligns with your style and the overall aesthetic of your home or room.

Are there coastal wallpapers suitable for kids' rooms?

Yes, numerous coastal wallpapers are suitable for kids' rooms. They can help to create a peaceful, inspiring, and fun environment that cultivates imagination and creativity. Here are some subpoints that can help you choose the best option:

  1.     Age Appropriateness: Different types of coastal wallpapers can be suitable depending on the child's age. For younger kids, consider wallpapers with cartoonish representations of sea life, such as playful dolphins, colorful fish, and friendly octopuses. For older kids, a more realistic depiction of the ocean, like a scenic beach view or marine wildlife, may be more appealing.
  2.   Color Palette: The color scheme of the wallpaper should ideally match the room's overall theme. Bright, vibrant colors stimulate a younger child's senses and foster creativity, while a more subdued palette creates a calming and peaceful environment. Consider blues and whites for a classic coastal feel.
  3.   Educational Value: Wallpapers can also provide educational value. Consider wallpapers depicting marine life with labelled species names or coastal ecosystem diagrams. These designs can foster an interest in marine biology and environmental conservation.
  4.   Interactivity: Some wallpapers are interactive, allowing kids to engage with them. For instance, some coastal-themed wallpapers come with glow-in-the-dark elements like stars and sea creatures. Others are magnetized or have surfaces that can be drawn on and wiped clean.
  5.   Material and Maintenance: The wallpaper should be durable and easy to clean, especially for kids room wallpaper. Vinyl wallpapers are usually a good choice as they are more resistant to moisture and stains and can be wiped clean easily.
  6.   Installation and Removal: Consider the ease of installation and removal. If you want to update the room's decor as your child grows, look for wallpaper that is easy to install and remove without damaging the walls, such as peel and stick wallpaper.
  7.   Safety: Ensure the wallpaper is made of safe, non-toxic materials. It should also be free of small detachable parts that could pose a choking hazard for younger children.

To find suitable coastal wallpaper for your kids' room, consider their interests, existing decor, and practical considerations like durability and maintenance. With the variety of coastal-themed wallpapers available, there's sure to be an option that will delight your child and enhance their room's decor.

What are the most popular colors of Coastal wallpaper?

Coastal wallpapers typically draw inspiration from the colors found in nature at the sea or beach, with each color capturing a different aspect of the seaside experience. They may feature scenes such as sandy beaches, blue skies, clear water, or marine life. The most popular colors used in coastal wallpapers can be categorized into several groups:

  1.     Blues

o   Sea Blue: This is a standard color in blue coastal wallpapers representing the ocean. It can range from deep navy blue to mimic the deep ocean to lighter, softer blues for shallow coastal waters.

o   Sky Blue: This color often represents clear, sunny beach days and gives a sense of openness and tranquility.

o   Teal: Teal, a blend of blue and green, is popular in coastal wallpapers as it reflects the turquoise waters often found in tropical beach settings.

  1.   Whites

o   Cloud whit represents the soft, fluffy clouds often seen in beach skies. It adds lightness and provides an excellent contrast to the blues.

o   Shell White: This color symbolizes the pure white of sea shells and gives a more subtle, natural feel than bright white.

o   Sand White: A slightly off-white color mimicking the lighter shades of beach sand. It is often used as a background or base color.

  1.   Beiges

o   Sand Beige: As the name suggests, this color is inspired by the shades of beach sand, giving the wallpaper a warm, natural feel.

o   Driftwood Beige: This grey-beige color is reminiscent of driftwood washed ashore, providing a rustic touch.

  1. 4.    Greens

o   Seaweed Green: This deep green color is typically used to represent seaweed or marine plants.

o   Palm Green: A brighter green represents the lush vegetation near beaches, such as palm trees.

  1.   Corals and Pinks

o   Coral: This color captures the vibrant hues of coral reefs and is often used for accents or to represent actual corals or tropical sunsets.

o   Flamingo Pink: This bright pink color can bring images of tropical birds or flowers often associated with coastal regions to life.

  1.   Greys

o   Stormy Gray: This shade of grey can represent the color of the ocean during a storm or overcast skies, adding a dramatic touch to the wallpaper.

o   Pebble Grey: This color mimics the shades of pebbles or rocks on the beach and provides a neutral base or contrast.

  1.   Yellows

o   Sun Yellow: This color represents the sun, adding warmth and light to coastal wallpaper designs.

o   Starfish Yellow: This muted yellow color can symbolize sea creatures like starfish or represent the subtle tones of a beach sunrise or sunset.

Remember, the popularity of color may depend on the specific coastal theme and personal preferences. Some may prefer brighter, tropical hues, while others lean towards more muted, natural colors for a calm, serene beach house vibe.

Can coastal wallpaper be used on a feature wall, or should it be used throughout the room?

Certainly, coastal wallpaper can be a versatile tool for decorating your home. You can use it on a feature wall, throughout the room, or even in other creative ways, depending on the particular effect you want to achieve.

  1.     Feature Wall

o   Attention-Grabbing: Using coastal wallpaper on a feature wall can help draw attention and focus to that part of the room. It can act as a natural focal point, helping to guide the eyes towards a specific area, such as a fireplace, a bed, or a piece of artwork.

o   Room Balance: Coastal wallpaper on a feature wall can bring balance to the room if the other walls are painted in solid, complementary colors. It can break up the monotony of a room without overwhelming the space.

o   Easy Updating: If you wish to change your decor often, a feature wall is more accessible to update than an entire wallpaper room. It is also less costly in terms of the wallpaper itself and the labor involved in applying and removing it.

o   Potential Downsides: However, a coastal wallpaper feature wall might not be as immersive as a fully wallpapered room. It could stand out too much if not integrated with the rest of the room's design.

  1.   Throughout the Room

o   Immersive Experience: Covering all the walls in a room with coastal wallpaper can create a truly immersive and cohesive experience, making you feel like you're actually by the sea.

o   Expanded Space Perception: The suitable coastal wallpaper can make a room seem larger. For instance, a pattern with horizontal lines can make a room appear more expansive.

o   Consistent Theme: If you are going for a strong coastal or nautical theme in your room, using coastal wallpaper throughout can reinforce this theme effectively.

o   Potential Downsides: On the other hand, wallpapering an entire room might feel overwhelming or claustrophobic if the pattern is too busy. Also, it can be more costly and labor-intensive to install and remove wallpaper from a whole room versus a single wall.

  1.   Other Creative Uses

o   Accent Areas: You can also use coastal wallpaper in specific accent areas, like the back of a bookcase, a closet interior, or even a ceiling, for an unexpected pop of pattern.

o   Furniture Decoration: Another creative use is to apply the coastal wallpaper on pieces of furniture, like a dresser or side table, for a unique, custom look.

Using coastal wallpaper on a feature wall or throughout the room depends on your desired outcome and personal style. Consider the size of the room, the amount of natural light, the existing decor, and your preferences when deciding.

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