Tree wallpaper from DecorSafari bring the tranquillity and beauty of nature into your home. These stunning designs decor any room into a serene forest escape, creating a calming and refreshing atmosphere. With a variety of styles and vibrant colors, DecorSafari's tree wallpapers are perfect for enhancing your living space with a touch of natural elegance and timeless charm.
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A tree wallpaper brings the beauty of nature indoors, creating a serene and captivating atmosphere. This stunning tree background transforms any space with its lush greenery and intricate details. Perfect for living room, bedroom, or offices, a tree wall mural provides a refreshing escape into nature, adding depth and tranquility to your decor. Embrace the calming influence of trees and elevate your interior design with a Forest scene wallpaper that brings the outdoors inside, fostering relaxation and a connection to nature.

What is Tree Wallpaper? 

Tree wallpaper, also known as forest wallpaper or nature wallpaper, is a decorative wall covering featuring images of trees, forests, and natural landscapes. It brings the beauty and tranquility of nature indoors, creating a calming and serene atmosphere in any room. Perfect for living room, bedroom, or offices, Realistic tree wallpaper for walls can transform a space, making it feel more open and connected to the outdoors. It’s realistic or artistic designs add a touch of elegance and a refreshing, natural vibe to interior decor.

What is the trending tree patterns in contemporary wallpaper design?

Birch Tree 

Birch tree patterns have become hugely popular with their white bark and wispy branches. This pattern usually has simple designs and monochrome colors that complete the identity of this stylish, modern look. Birch tree wall mural can get you that texture, without really going on and taking up your room. This naturally makes it a largely popular choice given its flexibility in situating itself within the realms of both modern, and Scandinavian interiors.

Pine Tree 

Pine trees wallpaper is a similar trendy option, known for their needle-like evergreen leaves and cone-shaped form. Pine tree mural wallpaper generally show spruce forests which are a really warm and rustic look. These designs can be used to create a great sense of coziness, which is perfect for the living room or cabin. Pine tree designs with deep green and intricate details can impart a feeling of depth, richness in any space.

Oak Tree 

Patterns In which oak trees are used in Forest mural wallpaper designs Oak Trees- Strength and endurance. Woodland Wallpaper of oak trees usually have wide-spreading branches and intricate leaf designs, giving a place an air of magnificence and eternal style. While the more detailed appearances can get real-life, typical oak tree patterns generally look even in traditional and contemporary settings.

Fir Tree 

Fir tree patterns are popular for their association with winter and holiday seasons. These woods wallpaper in tree often showcase tall, majestic fir trees, creating a serene and calming environment. The use of fir tree patterns can evoke a sense of nostalgia and coziness, making them a popular choice for bedrooms and reading nooks.

Beech Tree 

Beech tree patterns are favored for their smooth, grey bark and lush foliage. These Forest murals often emphasize the dense canopies and vibrant leaves, bringing a sense of life and freshness into a room. Beech tree designs are excellent for creating a lively yet sophisticated ambiance, making them suitable for various interior styles from modern to classic.

Explore the Creative Tree Wallpaper Themes

Hanging Flowers Watercolor Tree Wallpaper Decor

Imagine a scene with dreamy flowers hanging from trees to make a canopy. This pattern on the wallpaper can make any room feel like a magical, fairy-tale world. Using both flower and tree features together adds a romantic and elegant touch. It looks great in bedrooms, living rooms, and even eating rooms where you want to create a relaxing and enchanting mood.

Tropical Wallpaper for Walls

Tropical wallpaper with lots of lush plants and bright colors will take you to a faraway paradise. Fans of bright nature will love this theme because it brings the beauty of the jungle inside. The deep green and fine features can make a room feel lively and energizing, which is great for living rooms or home offices where you want to be inspired and renewed.

Forest Flamingoes Wallpaper

Forest flamingos wallpaper will add a sense of the unique. bringing beautiful flamingos against a background of trees makes for a unique and striking design. This stylish and fun theme can be used in bathrooms, kids' rooms, or any other room where you want to make a mark while still going with a natural look.

Tree Landscape Wallpaper

For a more traditional yet stunning option, tree landscape wallpaper offers panoramic views of forest backgrounds and woodlands. This theme captures the majestic beauty of nature, making any room feel more open and tranquil. It’s an excellent choice for creating a feature wall that draws the eye and invites a sense of calm and relaxation.

Old World Outlook Vintage Balcony Murals

Step back in time with Vintage Forest Wallpapers that feature old-world charm. These wallpapers often depict balconies overlooking lush gardens or forests, evoking a sense of nostalgia and elegance. They are perfect for adding a touch of sophistication and historical depth to living spaces, bedroom, or hallways.

Which Rooms are Best for Tree Wall Decorations?

Living Room

The Tree wallpaper for living room is a gathering hub in every home, where loved ones converge on and guests experience it as well. Tree wall hangings bring tranquility and warmth; Choose a big tree mural as the main focus or pairs of smaller tree decals to match current decor. This creates an outdoor vibe that encourages relaxation and conversation.


Tree background wall decorations will be fitting for a quiet and fresh ambience in the bedroom. Add a tree mural behind your bed in lieu of a headboard or slather it across an adjacent wall for creating the perfect sanctuary. Relaxing, soothing colors that are soft and a bit muted help to set the mood for relaxation providing you healthy sleep.

Kids Room 

Kids' room is a wonderful tree wall decorations will awaken the imagination and creativity. Vibrant tree designs with animals and birds or just coloristic is how you add the fun back into this room. In addition to the entertainment, you may even consider it an educational aspect for kids as they get introduced with trees and wildlife.


In an office, tree wall decorations can promote focus and reduce stress. Choose sophisticated, minimalist tree designs that align with a professional setting. Greenery-inspired decor can improve concentration and productivity, making the workspace feel more refreshing.


For a nursery, trees background wall decorations can create a soothing and nurturing environment for babies. Soft, pastel tree designs with gentle shapes can make the room feel cozy and comforting. These decorations can also provide visual stimulation for infants, aiding in their cognitive development.

Popular Colors Choices of Tree wall mural

Black and White

The artistic Black & White Trees Wallpaper designs will always look good in any room. These walls give your room a classy and modern look and feel, making it feel bigger and calmer. The monochromatic palette is popular with people who like modern and minimalist design. It goes well with a wide range of furniture styles and makes a striking visual effect while keeping the mood calm.


Green tree forest sunset wallpaper to add a natural feel to their rooms. The deep greens of the trees and the warm colors of the sunset make for a peaceful and calm environment. Your living room, bedroom, or office will look great with these pictures because they bring the beauty of nature inside.

Cream color

Nature Wallpaper in a cream color makes any room look calm and classy. This pattern is very flexible and goes well with a lot of different types of decors. It provides a neutral but classy background. Cream colored Tree Wall Art is great for the living room, bedroom, or home office because it makes the space feel calm and adds a gentle nature-inspired look. It's great for people who want to bring a bit of nature inside without making the room look too bright.


Using grey nature mural wallpaper will give your room a current and classy look. They make rooms feel calm, so they're great for bedrooms and living rooms. Grey tones are flexible and look good with a lot of different types of decors.


Brown Custom tree mural wallpaper has an earthy and natural look that is great for making a room feel warmer. They look great with country and traditional decor and make the room feel warm and welcoming.


Almost any room can use beige Nature inspired wallpaper because it is basic and classy. They bring nature mural into the room without taking over, which makes them a great choice for modern and simple designs.


Blue Forest Wallpapers makes a room feel calm and peaceful. They are great for making a calm space, like in the bathroom, bedroom, or any other place where you want to relax. Blue tones can be anything from light pastels to dark blue, which gives designers a lot of options.

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