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Welcome to Decorsafari's Tropical Wallpaper collection! Immerse your home in lush, vibrant designs inspired by nature. Our selection features exotic patterns and rich colors that bring the beauty of the tropics indoors. Perfect for creating a refreshing and lively atmosphere in any room, our tropical wallpapers are the ideal choice for a stylish, nature-inspired decor.

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Tropical wallpaper brings the lush beauty of nature indoors, transforming any space into a vibrant oasis. These wallpapers feature stunning designs inspired by tropical landscapes, including palm leave, exotic flower, and vivid colors that create a refreshing atmosphere. Perfect for living room, bedroom, or even offices, wallpapering walls with tropical background themes can invigorate and energize the environment. With a variety of styles and patterns available, tropical wall mural offer an easy and stylish way to infuse your home with a touch of paradise.

What is Tropical Wallpaper?

Tropical wallpaper brings the vibrant beauty of nature indoors, transforming any space into a lush paradise. Featuring bold patterns and vivid colors, this wallpaper for walls style often includes designs like palm leaf wallpaper, exotic wallpaper, and Hawaiian wallpaper. Ideal for creating a refreshing and lively atmosphere, tropical wall mural is perfect for accent walls or entire rooms. Its themes can range from serene beach scenes to dense jungle foliage, offering a versatile choice for anyone looking to infuse their home with a touch of the tropics.

What Are Some Popular Tropical Wallpaper Designs?

Colorful Leaves and Flower wallpaper

This design is a wild mix of colors and textures, with brightly colored tropical flowers and leaves. When big, bold leaves and bright flowers come together, they make a dynamic and lively atmosphere. Adding a touch of nature's beauty to your walls, this style of wallpaper is great for making a statement in a room. It looks great in dining rooms, living rooms, or any other room that needs a splash of color and life.

Banana Leaves Pattern Wallpaper

In tropical decor, banana leaves are a must-have. Large, overlapped leaves in different shades of green make the Banana Leaves Pattern Wallpaper look lush and dense. This style is both classic and modern, so it can be used in a lot of different places. Because of how simple and classy it is, it can go with both modern and classic styles of decor.

Jungle Glam Tropical Leaves Wallpaper

Tropical jungle wallpaper themes can be made more fancy with Jungle Glam Tropical Leaves Wallpaper. Often, metallic highlights or bright colors are used in this design against a dark background to make the pattern look richer and deeper. It's a classy choice that gives any room a bit of luxury and drama. It looks great on feature walls, in bedrooms, or anywhere else you want to make a strong visual effect.

Floral Pattern wallpaper

Floral Design Tropical wallpaper designs show off the beautiful variety of tropical floral wallpaper. Every flower in these designs, from hibiscus to orchid, is full of life and color. A dull room can be turned into a lively, happy place by the fine details and bright colors. This kind of wallpaper is flexible and can be used in many places, like bathroom, bedroom, and even kitchen.

Watercolor Tropical Leaf Wallpaper

Watercolor Tropical Leaf Wallpaper has a soft, painterly look that is more artsy and understated. The watercolor method makes the leaves look soft and ethereal, which makes the design look airy and light. This style is great for people who want a more understated tropical background look. It makes any room feel peaceful and calm. It works especially well in bathrooms and living rooms where you want to relax.

Seamless Pattern Flower wallpaper

Seamless design Flower Wallpaper has a design of tropical flowers that goes on and on, giving the room a smooth, finished look. The seamless design makes sure that the pattern doesn't have any breaks or gaps that can be distracting. This kind of wallpaper works great on big walls or places where you want to keep the pattern the same without any breaks. This style looks great in hallways, living rooms, and other big rooms.

How to Pick the Right Tropical wallpaper for Your Room

Living Room

People gather in the living room, so choose a tropical wall mural that makes them feel welcome and is fun to look at. Pick prints that are big and bright and have a lot of flowers, leaves, or tropical background plants. You could choose blue, yellow, and deep green that go with the rest of your style. People may want to look at a wall with a beautiful Tropical peel and stick wallpaper design.


A tropical wallpaper that is calm and peaceful can make the bedroom a place to unwind. Choose themes that aren't too busy, and use paints or pastels. Making a room feel like you're in paradise without going over the top with soft palm leaves, small flowers, or tropical birds can be done. Make sure that the wallpaper in walls matches your furniture and other decorations so that the room looks like a whole.


The bathroom looks great with Palm leaf wallpaper that doesn't get ruined by water. Vinyl that can handle water is a good pick. Birds, fish, or plants from far away can make your bathroom feel like a spa with big, bold paint jobs. Paint and patterns that are lighter and reflect light are another way to make a small bathroom look bigger.


Choose a tropical wall mural that will last and is easy to clean for the kitchen. Fruit, tropical leaf, or flower forms can be used to make the room feel fresh and new. Pick a color plan that works well with your fridge and cabinets. Paper that can be peeled off is a good choice for kitchens because it makes changing easy.

Dining Room

Use dramatic jungle wallpapers in the dining room for a more formal look. Pick patterns that are classy and have deep, rich colors like emerald green, navy blue, or gold accents. An exotic dining experience can be created with floral prints, palm leaves, or tropical scenes. Adding a feature wall or paneling with wallpaper in walls on top can make the room look a little fancier without making it too big.

Kids Room

Choose tropical pictures that are fun and silly for a child's room. Patterns that are bright and happy and have cartoon animals, tropical plants, or scenes from underwater can spark your mind and make the room more fun. Kids' rooms get a lot of use, so make sure the wallpaper lasts and is easy to clean. Peel and stick choices make it easy to change your child's look as they get older.

Trending Colors in Tropical-Themed Wall Decor

Green wallpaper

Tropical themes always look good with green. It makes me think of lush plants, thick forests, and enough food in the wild. Different shades of Tropical green wallpaper, from deep emeralds to lighter, more muted shades, can make a room feel both calm and lively. Lots of people enjoy floral art with palm leaves, ferns, and other tropical plants. They make rooms feel bright and new, like they're inside the outdoors.

Brown wallpaper 

Brown might not be the first color that comes to mind when you think of tropical decor. But it's an important part of the theme because it gives the bright colors something to stand on. I think of deep, rich brown that look like bamboo, tree roots, and natural fibers. By giving depth and warmth, it can make a room feel warm and inviting. Add some green to it, and it looks great. The green makes the whole look balanced and calm.

Blue and white wallpaper 

Blue and white are basic colors that look great together in tropical-themed decor. Blue makes a room feel calm and peaceful because it looks like the ocean and sky. It makes for a clean, crisp look that is both airy and classy when worn with white. Blue and white wallpaper is a flexible choice because it can be used with nautical patterns like waves or seashells to make tropical decor feel more coastal.

Colorful wallpaper

Colorful pattern wallpaper is a great choice for people who like rooms that are bright and bold. A lot of different colors are used in tropical-themed art. Think of the bright colors of exotic birds, flowers, and fruits. Patterns with tropical flowers, birds, and other animals can make a place feel like a lively paradise. This is a great way to make feature walls that really stand out and say something.

Grey wallpaper

Even though grey doesn't seem like it would go well with tropical decor, it can be used as a stylish background to draw attention to other colors. Light greys can make a room look like soft beach sand, and darker greys can make a room look modern and classy. To make the theme look stylish and up-to-date, you can use grey wallpaper to bring out the colors in coral prints and ornaments.

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